Sombra Area Rug 7.5’ X 5’ (2.3m X 1.5m)

Sombra Area Rug 7.5’ X 5’ (2.3m X 1.5m)


Hand woven modern area rug using locally sourced wool from Oaxaca. Hand dyed and fabricated by artisan Mario Mendoza.  

Sombra is a unique design that makes a perfect acquisition for any space, The lightness of the color combined with equally spaced shapes bring texture as a magnificent textile design to your environment while allowing soft and contrasting colors with this beautiful rug.

·  Size: 7.5’ X 5’ (2.3m X 1.3m)

·  Colors: black, white, and gray.

·  Materials: 100% Sheep’s wool

·  Origen: Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca

All of our rugs are made to last and if taken proper care of, it will last a lifetime.

Basic Care:

To maintain rich colors, avoid placing in direct sunlight. When vacuuming, roll with the grain of the textile.      

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