Modus Area Rug 7.5’ X 5’ (2.3m X 1.5m)

Modus Area Rug 7.5’ X 5’ (2.3m X 1.5m)


Hand woven modern area rug using locally sourced wool from Oaxaca. Hand dyed and fabricated by artisan Mario Mendoza.  

Modus rug has the perfect combination of colors for someone that is in love with design and making statements. This rug it is inspired in architectural design with a touch of cubism, creating a perfect environment to combine and contrast with a homogenous piece of furniture. This rug will turn your space into an art piece.

·  Size: 7.5’ X 5’ (2.3m X 1.5m)

·  Materials: 100% Sheep’s wool

·  Origen: Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca

All of our rugs are made to last and if taken proper care of, it will last a lifetime.

Basic Care:

To maintain rich colors, avoid placing in direct sunlight. When vacuuming, roll with the grain of the textile.      

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