336.00 420.00

Weight: 45 G
Gem: 1 Blue Faceted Agate Material: 9.5 Sterling Silver/ 22K Gold Plated Color: Gold 

Fierce and elegant, CLAW collection will bring out your wild side. While the pieces may seen delicate, they project a powerful statement which enhances the wearer’s look. This collection’s jewelry is available in gold and silver. Each piece is accompanied with a gold claw-- a unique detail that emphasizes the collections’ relationship between simplicity and power. 

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Every single piece of MOHE is thought out and produced with detailed precision. Their jewelry is created by Mexican craftsmen in their workshops located in the heart of Mexico City. Each piece is carefully made by hand. The production team works in craftsmen, making sure that every step in the creation process is carried out to perfection in order to offer clients the most beautiful pieces. MOHE selects prime raw materials, making use of gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones to provide clients with quality creations. All of these elements are the heart of our unique design, making timeless jewelry.