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They tried to bury us. They didn´t know we were seeds

Norte gathers and curates Mexican products to people who value and care about design made with identity, history and time invested.

We, as an online platform give costumers the opportunity to know where their products come from and how they are made. Our designers and artisans develop pieces based on Mexican heritage and culture in a contemporary way, through this mode we empower authenticity and pride for Mexico.

All of our products are limited and one of a kind. Norte is not a mass production operation and our collaborators spend a week to one month developing each piece. We believe design has no borders, for this reason, we constantly explore new places within Mexico to create relationships with new designers.



Mexico has been in the eye of the world for a long time. While immigration, race, and corruption are the common themes, Mexican creatives and entrepreneurs now focus on growing their own legacy and it´s influence is traveling all around the world. Our cultural roots and heritage are now shown in a contemporary way that changes every visitor’s perspective.

Our products are brought to you from various places in Mexico and we believe that artisans deserve equitable compensation. For that reason, fair trade and wages are part of our philosophy. Mexico is our direct inspiration and we want to give back to a country that so much to offer. Every product tells a story of how it’s made and how it’s shared in your home.


We are a a group of designers who respect and takes Mexico as an inspiration, we are proud of our roots and heritage that´s why we want to share it and and show how much Mexican designers and artisans has to offer.